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"Mapping the Deltas together" workshop @Stéphanie Duvail

The attack was observed in 2020 and became massive in 2022 in the Betsiboka estuary. The culprit is a defoliator caterpillar Hyblaea puera (Cramer, 1777) that specifically attacks the mangrove tree Avicennia marina that constitutes the monospecific stand of mangroves downstream of the Betsiboka delta. 

The DiDEM/Deltas-Madagascar team was mobilised by the Boeny region to assess the situation.

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The Incomati Estuary Festival, Mozambique

October 15-17, 2021, to highlight the role and functions of the estuary and its floodplains, well known to the locals but unknown to passing visitors, as well as to showcase the exceptional biodiversity of the site (it is the 2nd hotspot of biodiversity of birds in Mozambique after Gorongosa) and the expertise of local people.

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The video is also available in Portuguese.