LittoSIM – a serious game on the submersion risks

Madagascar, Mahajanga to Marovoay, Wioder project @Y.Lesecq


  • Simulation exercise for decision-makers of the Boény Region and the city of Majunga (Madagascar) using the serious game LittoSIM

  • Collective design of management and land-use scenarios that integrate issues related to the risks of marine submersion

An immersive participatory device combining the virtual world and reality for flood risk management. A simulation integrating:

  • A model of marine submersion
  • The modelling of actors operating within the territory
  • Game actions played in situ by elected officials and techncians

Tools and approaches

LittoSIM – serious game based on the use of the GAMA complex systems modelling platform (developed by the UMMISCO laboratory), linked to a cartographic interface and an educational kit adapted to the local legal context.

This device was successfully tested within the districts of Ile d’Oléron. DiDEM now plans to adapt and test it in Madagascar, in the Boény region. The modelling skills of the University of Fianarantsoa, where a Malagasy post-doctoral fellow from UMMISCO teaches, will be useful in the design and deployment of the game. LittoSIM will be used both as a territorial diagnosis tool and as a territorial foresight tool. In order to test its relevance in the latter field, LittoSIM results will be compared to the results of participatory territorial foresight exercises conducted on the same site.

The Littosim-Didem workshop took place from 27 to 29 April 2022 at the Centre National de Recherches sur l'Environnement (CNRE) in Antananarivo. It was both a moment of meeting between researchers and a place of reflection on the adaptation of the Littosim platform to the Malagasy context.

The LittoSIM workshop



Nicolas Marilleau (IRD), multi-actor modeling of complex mechanisms


Youcel Sklab (IRD)

Website LittoSIM


Région de Boény