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DIDEM flyer during a workshop, Ankarafansika, Madagascar @ IRD DIDEM Rijasolo

Authors : Tsirilaza Benjamin (, Rasoloariniaina Jean Robertin, Andriamirado Rabarison Guy Arthur

Betsiboka is the second largest river in Madagascar. It flows into the Mozambique Channel at Mahajanga and forms a delta under the influence of the tide. The deltaic environment is a productive but vulnerable ecosystem, as it serves as a spawning and nursery ground for fish. Studying the size structure of landed fish enables us to describe fish communities and fishing practices in the delta. As part of the DIDEM project - Dialogue between Science and Decision-Makers for Integrated Management of Coastal and Marine Environments - the aspect of studying small-scale fishing in the Betsiboka delta conducted daily measurements of landed fish in the four main fishing villages between February and October 2021.

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September 2023


Poster : 5500 years of ecosystem change in the Tana River Delta (Kenya) in response to sea-level fluctuation, hydrological dynamics and human impacts. 

Authors : Peter N. Gitau ( , Stéphanie Duvail, Dirk Verschuren, Stephen Rucina 

This double threat also applies to the Tana River Delta in Kenya, which forms a lifeline for local communities almost entirely dependent on its ecosystem services, while also providing very attractive habitat to a wide variety of flora and fauna that make this area a biodiversity hotspot in the Eastern African coastal region1.

However, past and historical dynamics that have influenced the current status of the Tana River Delta ecosystem are not sufficiently understood to construct a proper baseline to evaluate the uniqueness and magnitude of the delta’s current environmental challenges. 

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July 2023