Poster on October 4th, 2022

The 12th Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) Symposium will be held in Port Elizabeth,

October 10-15, 2022

 The DIDEM team is pleased to announce its participation in the symposium through the organization of a mini symposium on "The contribution of marine science in areas beyond national jurisdiction in the Western Indian Ocean to the development of a regional ocean governance strategy", by the DiDEM High Sea team as well as through oral and poster presentations on the various themes of the program: deltas, coastal erosion, mangroves or coral reefs.

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Discover the list of DIDEM team presentations below

Monday, October the 10th

Poster Presentations - 2-4 pm

Theme VII: Estuaries and their resources

Deltas team - Regional WIO and Madagascar

Mapping the socio-physical dynamics of the Western Indian Ocean deltas

Paolo Paron (IHE-Delft), Stéphanie Duvail (UMR PALOC, IRD), Dominique Hervé (UMR SENS, IRD), Dinis Juizo (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane), Nordino Paluluane (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane), Simon Mwansasu (Univ. of Dar Es Salaam), Peter Gitau (Sorbonne Univ.), Wanja Nyingi (National Museums of Kenya), Johary Andriambeloson (IOGA), Eric Delaitre (UMR Espace Dev, IRD), Laurent Robison (CNRE)

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Modeling saltwater intrusion in Incomati River as a contribution to the determination of Dynamic Environmental Flow

Clemêncio Nhantumbo (Eduardo Mondlane Univ., Faculty of Engineering), Dinis Juízo (Eduardo Mondlane Univ., Faculty of Engineering), Vânia Saúl (Eduardo Mondlane Univ., Faculty of Engineering), Nordino Paluluane (Eduardo Mondlane Univ., Faculty of Engineering), Mary Shirima (Eduardo Mondlane Univ., Faculty of Engineering)

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Is the Betsiboka estuary a mangrove sediment filter or a sediment deposit?

Dominique Hervé (IRD-SENS), Laurent Robison (CNRE), Hary-Riana Ranjalahy (CNRE, PhD student), Ravakiniaina Randrianatoandro (Univ. Antananarivo, PhD student), Stefana Tabera Tsilefa (Univ. Fianarantsoa, PhD student)

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Estimation of the concentration of suspended solids in the Betsiboka river using Sentinel 2 satellite images

 Hary-Riana Ranjalahy (CNRE, PhD student); Robison, Laurent. (CNRE); Rakotondraompiana, S.; Rasolamanana, E.

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Mapping workshop, Mozambique, 2021 @ Stéphanie Duvail

Wetlands, Mozambique @ Stéphanie Duvail

Mangroves, Madagascar @ Yacinthe Lesecq

THEME VIII: Human dimensions in coastal and marine management

Co-construction of hydrological scenarios for the Incomati Delta @ Stéphanie Duvail

Deltas team - Mozambique

A participatory observatory in Macaneta coastal wetland for the design of socio-environmental flows from the Incomati River (Mozambique)

Stéphanie Duvail (UMR PALOC, IRD), Dercio Alberto (Univ. Aix Marseille and IRD)

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Island and Archipelago team - Comoros

How to manage marine biodiversity by integrating a Vague notion? Ecosystem services under the constraint of social representations and field realities in the Comoros

Nassim Said Abdallah (Univ. de la Réunion), Gilbert David (IRD, UMR Espace Dev)

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Tuesday  October 11th 2022

11:00 a.m. Oral presentation room 5 

Session XI: Estuaries and their resources

Deltas Team, Mozambique

Mangroves in Mozambique @ IRD - Stéphanie Duvail

Massive mangrove dieback in Maputo River Estuary, Southern Mozambique

Authors : Mabilana, H. (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane); Machava-António, V (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane).; Macamo, C. (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane); Fernando, A. (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane); Massingue, M. (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane); Bandeira S. (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane), Paula, J. (Univ. of Lisbon)

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12:20 pm Oral presentation room 6 

Session XII : Ecosystem restoration : Innovative techniques

Islands and Archipelagos Team, Comoros

Review of ecological engineering techniques in marine environment : exceed practices or habits to improve effectiveness/ efficiency. Case of Indian Ocean coral reefs

Authors : Aurore Léocadie (Univ. la Réunion); Gilbert David (IRD, UMR Espace Dev); Sylvain Pioch (Univ. Montpellier); Mathieur Pinault (Associated researcher UMR ENTROPIE)

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Coral reef, Seychelles @ IRD- Lola Massé

Poster Presentations - 2-4 pm.

THEME X : Governance of Coastal ans Marine Environment

Team Island and Archipelagos - Comoros

Monitoring coastal vulnerability to marine erosion in Comoros

Nourddine MIRHANI (CUP, Univ. of Comoros) ; Matthieu LE DUFF (Univ. center in Mayotte) ; Yann MERCKY (Univ. center in Mayotte); Espérance CILLAURREN (IRD, UMR Espace Dev) ; Gilbert DAVID (IRD, UMR Espace Dev)

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Monitoring the profile of the Mtsangani Sima beach using topometer measurements @N. Mirhani

THEME XIV: Fisheries: ecology, gears impacts and stock status

Delta team - Kenya

Fishery characteristics and management in the floodplain lakes of Tana River delta, Kenya

David Ouma (Kenya Wetlands Biodiversity Research Team (KENWEB)), Wanja Dorothy Nyingi (National Museums of Kenya & KENWEB), Stéphanie Duvail (UMR PALOC, IRD)

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View of the Tana delta, Kenya @ IRD - Stéphanie Duvail

Mini Symposium - Beach hotel, room 1 - 4pm

High sea, remote and deep seabed team

The contribution of marine science in areas beyond national jurisdiction in the Western Indian Ocean to the development of a regional ocean governance strategy

In partnership with the SAPPHIRE program, led by the Nairobi Convention, this mini symposium will highlight how advances in oceanographic research in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) can be used to inform aspects of a regional strategy for ocean governance, particularly as it relates to the conservation and management of biodiversity beyond national jurisdictions (BBNJ).

It will provide information on a topic of regional importance, i.e., scientific information on areas beyond national jurisdictions (BBNJ) of the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) littoral states, which is currently relatively limited and poorly distributed and shared. The contribution of this information to a regional strategy to improve ocean governance in the WIO will be primarily to ensure that the importance of maintaining marine biodiversity in a healthy state to provide the basis for a sustainable blue economy is emphasized and integrated.

A presentation of the next mission of the Explorations of Monaco in the Western Indian Ocean will be made during the symposium

  • Connectivity studies to support management strategies between Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

Francis MARSAC (IRD, UMR MARBEC), Patrice GUILLOTREAU (Department of Blue Economy, Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy, Seychelles), Jan ROBINSON (SWIOFish3 Project Manager) , Juliette LUCAS (Department of Blue Economy, Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy, Seychelles), Francesca ADRIENNE (Department of Blue Economy, Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy, Seychelles), Taha IMZILEN (SWIOFish3 Project Manager), David KAPLAN (SWIOFish3 Project Manager), Estelle CROCHELET (IRD, La Réunion)

  • Towards a FAIR Management of scientific data to describe the marine environment in the ABNJs and inform multilateral strategies and actions


  • Overview of a collaborative oceanic cruise: Monaco Explorations Indian Ocean Expedition 2022

Gilles BESSERO (Monaco Explorations)

  • Poster overview : Marine scientific advances on WIO investigated seamounts, banks, plateaus and structures, to be incorporated into ABNJ related arrangements and agreements? (DIDEM), followed by a Call for the constitution of a multidisciplinary working group on seamounts in the indian Ocean in the framework of the DIDEM project

Florence GALLETTI (IRD, UMR MARBEC), Jean-François TERNON (IRD, UMR MARBEC), Francis MARSAC (IRD, UMR MARBEC), Laure CORBARI (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle), Philippe BOUCHET (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle), Michael J. ROBERTS (Ocean Science Campus Nelson Mandela University)

  •  Studying large whales in the WIO high seas

Emmanuelle LEROY & Violaine DULAU (Globice-Reunion)

  • Initiating a participatory process to build a common knowledge at a regional scale of the Indian ocean oceanic basin

Roseline BARONCE (IRD, UMR Espace-Dev), Denis BAILLY (Ocean University Initiative, Univ Brest), Linwood PENDELTON (Ocean Knowledge Action Network International Project, Univ Brest), Rodolphe DEVILLERS (IRD, UMR Espace-Dev), Sylvanna ANTHA (Blue Economy Research Institute (BERI), University of Seychelles)

  • Recommendations for enhanced regional management of the ABNJ under bilateral, trilateral or multilateral arrangements within the regional ocean governance framework currently being developed under the Nairobi Convention

Yvonne WAWERU (WIOGI Western Indian Ocean Governance Initiative), Kilian KELLEHER (Nairobi Convention), Tim ANDREW (UNEP, Nairobi Convention), Mwangi THEURI (UNEP, Nairobi Convention)

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Mini Symposium - Boardwalk, room C2 - 4pm

Deltas Mozambique Team,

Organised by the WIOSAP program

Holistic water and marine management from source to sea :  Lessons learned from case studies focusing on environmental flows and marine litter management

Our seas suffer serious degradation from land-based activities in basins and cities; only a holistic water and marine management from source to sea can reverse that. It is necessary to mainstream source-to-sea systems thinking in governance and management with the aim of stimulating coordination among stakeholders for the design and implementation of actions for improved environmental flows and reduced marine litter pollutions along rivers and coasts, and at sea.

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Wednesday October 12th

4:40 p.m. Oral presentation room 3 

Session XV: Communities' perceptions and their involvement

Islands and Archipelagos team, Science and Civil Society

Empowering children to make informed decisions in the SW Indian Ocean: analysis of the Educational Marine Areas program

Authors : Georgeta Stoica (CUFR Mayotte); Philippe Charpentier (CUFR Mayotte); Lola Massé (IRD UMR Espace-Dev); Christelle Morel (Réserve Naturelle Marine de la Réunion); Karine Pothin (Réserve Naturelle Marine de la Réunion); Allen Cedras (Seychelles Parks and Garden Authority); Pascale Chabanet (IRD, UMR Entropie)

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Snorkelling session, Curieuse Marine park, Seychelles@Marie Brioche

Thursday October 13th

11:20 a.m. Oral presentation room 3 

Session XXIII: Coastal ecosystems and associated organisms: Status and impacts

Deltas Team, Mozambique

Location of sampling areas in Maputo Bay (eastern Africa) and Principe Island (western Africa) @ V. Machava Antonio

A comparison of mangrove forest structure and ecosystem services in Maputo Bay (Eastern Africa) and Principe Island (Western Africa)

Authors : V. Machava-António (Eduardo Mondlane Univ.); A. Fernando (Eduardo Mondlane Univ.); M. Massingue (Eduardo Mondlane Univ.); M. Cravo, (Univ. of Lisbon); H.P. Lima (Reserva da Biosfera e Parque Natural do Príncipe); P. Lopes (Reserva da Biosfera e Parque Natural do Príncipe); C. Macamo (Eduardo Mondlane Univ.); J. Paula (Univ. of Lisbon); S. Bandeira (Eduardo Mondlane Univ.)

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12:00 pm Oral presentation room 6 

Session XXIX: Linkages between physical, geological and biological processes

Deep Sea, Distant and Deep Sea Team

Bio-physical coupling at sub-mesoscale in the Southwest Indian Ocean: the RESILIENCE project

Auteurs : JF Ternon (IRD, UMR MARBEC); M. Noyon (Nelson Mandela Univ.); P. Penven (IRD, UMR LOPS); S. Herbette (UBO, UMR LOPS); M. Roberts (Nelson Mandela Univ.)

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Posters presentations 2-4 pm

THEME XX: Fish ecology and biodiversity

Deltas team, Madagascar

Overview of the fish assemblage through the small-scale fishing analysis in the Betsiboka estuary, northwestern Madagascar

Tsirilaza Benjamin (Univ. Tuléar), Andriambeloson Johary Andriamihaja (IOGA) ; Rasoloariniaina Jean Robertin (Institut d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Antsirabe) ; Andriamirado Rabarison Guy Arthur (CNRE)

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THEME XXIII: Mangroves ecosystems

Deltas team, Madagascar

Assessment of the Betsiboka estuary mangrove areas from 1989 to 2019

Ravaka RANDRIANATOANDRO (University of Antananarivo); Éric DELAITRE (IRD, UMR Espace-Dev); Samuel RAZANAKA (Centre National de Recherches sur l'Environnement); Dominique HERVE (IRD, UMR SENS)

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Deltas team - Mozambique

Description of the benthic fauna in natural and restored mangrove ecosystems in Mozambique

Torres Taimo (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane), Júlia Sitoe (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane), Célia Macamo (Univ. Eduardo Mondlane), Daniela C. de Abreu (Museu de História Natural)

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Summary map of the dynamics of the estuary between 1989 and 2019 @ Ravaka RANDRIANATOANDRO

Mangroves, Mozambique @ Stéphanie Duvail