Photography: a new tool for the dialogue between science, decision-makers and civil society

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A photographic report will be produced in September 2022, to show faces and bodies at work in the landscapes that link the Land to the Sea, and to give us a better understanding of the land-sea relationship through the rivers and deltas, as well as illustrating the research activities of the CNRE and IRD teams on the Ikopa and Betsiboka rivers and the questioning of the stakeholders interviews of the Boeny region and the Regional Centre for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (CRGIZC).

It is entitled: A delta, images for a dialogue

The aim is to use photography to promote dialogue between science, decision-makers and civil society, and to enhance the workshops as a tool for debate. The photos will be a basis for discussion with partners other than those invited to the Science-Decision Maker Dialogues, partners without a voice who are the primary users of natural resources, i.e. the local actors of the Betsiboka river and delta, fishermen, rice growers, livestock keepers, boatmen, charcoal burners, silk cocoon or crab collectors, etc... A choice will be made among these photos of demonstrative landscapes, of very telling situations, of illustrations of potentially conflicting issues, in order to confront points of view and seek consensus.

The Franco-Malagasy photographer Rijasolo has been selected to carry out this coverage. For 9 days, he will accompany the DIDEM research teams (IRD/CNRE) and the CRGIZC partners in the field, down the Ikopa and Betsiboka rivers to the delta and the port of Mahajanga.

Multiple valuations of this set of photos are envisaged in the form of exhibitions, debate supports, exchanges with teams from other deltas, publications etc...

Madagascar, on the road from Mahajanga to Marovoay, WIODER project, 2018