The Future of Plastic Waste, Seychelles: what's new?

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Two of the three TFOPW projects were launched in March/April 2022: Collect-Connect and Recycling Machine. The third project, an awareness campaign, will be launched in the third quarter of this year.

Seed money for the first two projects was received from the Société des Explorations de Monaco.


Collect-connect will use the fund to analyse the tourism sector with regard to the current type, quantity and sorting techniques of plastics. In addition, discussions will be held with stakeholders on best practices for collection in a given area of the main island of Mahé.

The information on type and quantity will help design the type and size of machines to be provided under the second Recycling Machine project. 

Recycling Machine

For this second Recycling Machine project, discussions with the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (DISTI) and the Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) department are starting this month to look into the possibilities of allocating land for the recycling machine. In addition, a partnership will be discussed to identify and support potential contractors, artisans and technicians to make the machines to process the plastics that will be identified and collected through the Collect-Connect project, and for the use of the machines at a maker hub over a period of one year.

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