The legal tutorial: a tool dedicated to the protection of biodiversity, habitats and natural resources in the Union of Comoros

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Objective: to familiarise civil society with its rights and duties regarding the protection and sustainable management of its natural environment.

The Union of Comoros has a set of laws and regulations that constitute an efficient lever for the protection of biodiversity, natural habitats and the sustainable management of its natural resources.

The collaborative management process between the managers of the National System of Natural Parks and village communities is a cornerstone of the implementation of laws and regulations dedicated to environmental protection.


In this context, the Moheli National Park represents a successful experiment in participatory co-management between public actors and communities.

The DIDEM programme proposes the implementation of a tool for access to the law for the population. This tool will be didactic so that laws and regulations are understood and thus better applied. It will be based on the creation of a legal database accessible to all in its legal form.

Based on these texts, summary documents will be drawn up presenting the rights and duties of citizens in different situations.

The interactivity between the user and this information system is formalised by the implementation of a digital tool which will be a legal tutorial.