PAREO in Moheli, here we go!

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Moheli is now hosting the PAREO project under Component C of the DIDEM program with the close collaboration of the Moheli National Park (PNM). Three schools are involved in this first phase of the project and will work on the establishment of an Educational Marine Area (EMA) in the commune of Nioumachoi. As part of the implementation of the PAREO-AME/PNM project, two local scientific animators have been recruited. They are currently being trained by the team to be able to deploy activities in schools and in the field.

The program for this first 6-month phase includes

  • Scientific animations in class;
  • Observation of the reef with fins/mask and snorkel with the students and the fishermen;
  • Intervention of an artist to make the link between art, science and environment;
  • Exchanges and knowledge sharing with fishermen.

It was with a smile that the training of the teachers to the PAREO-AME methodology ended on March 22 with a snorkeling trip: a good way to observe "in real" what was learned during the theory!

A look back at the setting up of the activities


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This project is financed within the framework of the DIDEM project by the FFEM in co-financing with the FEDER INTRREG V (Europe, State, Reunion Region).