The Future of Plastic Waste program reaches out to Seychelles students

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The coordinators of The Future of Plastic Waste (TFOPW) program in Seychelles are committed to educating the younger generation on the issue of plastic pollution and solutions to address the issue.

"ISS students learn about plastic waste and solutions" headlines the Nation newspaper, Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Katrin Perchat, in charge of Recycling Machine, and Victoria Alis, in charge of Connect Collect, two of the three projects of the TFOPW program, spoke to a class at the International School of Seychelles in November 2022.

During an interactive session, students had the opportunity to learn about the three interconnected TFOPW projects and share their concerns and actions to reduce plastic pollution.

To learn more, the presentation is available by clicking below:

Plastic recycling in a training program at the Seychelles Institute of Technology

The photos below show a shredder being built by students at the Seychelles Institute of Technology for the Recycling Machine project led by Rosetta Alcindor.  

The shredder is needed to prepare plastics before they are transformed into new products.