Images for a dialogue. Dialogue between science, public decision making and civil society, for an integrated management of the Betsiboka Delta in Madagascar

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An exhibition will highlight the photographic reportage that Rijasolo made following the DIDEM-Deltas-Madagascar scientific team along the Betsiboka river and delta in September 2022. 

Field measurements, management of participatory observatories, science-decision-makers-civil society dialogue workshops, the report covers all facets of the multidisciplinary scientific missions and highlights the environmental and social issues of the Betsiboka Delta. 

The exhibition will be inaugurated at the Museum of Photography in Antananarivo on May 5, then at the Alliance Française in Mahajanga on May 12, and will be on display for one month.

Funding is provided by the DIDEM project, the DIDEM/Deltas-Madagascar workshop site (FFEM-B), the IRD and MNHN Representation in Madagascar and the IRD Scientific and Technological Culture Mission.

Field trip during the LIttoSIM workshop, Mahajanga @IRD-DIDEM-Rijasolo