Constitution of the WIO N.O.I.S.E. group : multi-disciplinary network of researchers on Western Indian Ocean National Or International SEamounts, banks, submarine structures

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On the occasion of the "Mini symposium DIDEM project/LME SAPPHIRE project", held at WIOMSA 12 in South Africa, entitled "The contribution of marine science in areas beyond national jurisdiction in the Western Indian Ocean to the development of a regional ocean governance strategy", on October 11, 2022, it was decided to launch a multidisciplinary network of researchers on Seamounts, banks, shelves, and other national and international underwater structures (WIO N.O.I.S.E.).

This theme focuses many questions for various disciplines that study the oceans.

The next activity of the WIO N.O.I.S.E is planned as a Workshop in early May 2023 in Mauritius entitled "Multidisciplinary scientific approaches to support regional governance of sites in the Western Indian Ocean: some current issues".

The DIDEM High sea team with the Mauritian delegation at WIOMSA 12, October 12, 2022, from left to right: Jean-François TERNON (IRD), Deepeeka KAULLISING (UOM), Ranjeet Bhagooli (UOM), Florence Galletti (IRD), Francis Marsac (IRD), Sundy RAMAH (Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine resources, Fisheries and Shipping), Arshad Rawat (CSZMAE)