Coral reef party : restitution of the PAREO project in Mohéli, Tuesday March 30th in Nioumachoi

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The restitution of the project took place on May 30 and mobilized more than 250 people, including a large number of schoolchildren's parents and local decision-makers: the Governor of Moheli and the Nioumachoi notables, who expressed their keen interest in the project.

The director of the Mohéli National Park proposed to make the "coral reef festival" a permanent event, to be held on the same date every year. This proposal was very well received by local decision-makers and notables, demonstrating the extent to which the project has infused civil society and offers promising prospects in terms of raising awareness of coral reef protection.

4 groups of children put on a show, orchestrated by the artist Bolero, to convey what they had learned with PAREO: the Nioumachoi public elementary school, the Vision Mdjélé private school, the Ndrondroni public elementary school and participants in the Centre de Lecture et d'Action Culturelle (CLAC).

On the program

2pm-4pm: reef games led by project students

4pm-6pm: official opening, presentation of the project, Boléro children's show and prize-giving ceremony

The event were broadcasted live on the PAREO project FB page: