The SWOT program on the Tsirinbihina: a major opportunity for hydrological monitoring in Madagascar.

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The second SWOT mission to Madagascar took place in April 2023. This 2023 mission was designed to test the SWOT satellite in its short 3-month phase of daily data production, from March to June 2023.

The important equipment to equip the sailing barge from Miandrivazo to Belo sur Tsirinbihina entered Madagascar as a temporary import, to continue on to India and Brazil for similar SWOT test operations. The international team was partly renewed for this navigation, but with the continued decisive support of CNRE and IOGA, and the renewed participation of Hydromatters, a consulting firm from Toulouse, which is committed to the further use of SWOT data on Malagasy rivers and lakes.

The story isn't over - it may just be beginning....

The May 2022 mission was a dress rehearsal for the April 2023 mission. You can reread last year's article: The Betsiboka River hydrological observatory is making its mark on other rivers in western Madagascar.