New Dialogues science and civil-society in the Boeny region, Madagascar

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A total of 6 Dialogue Sciences-Décideurs workshops have been held in the Boeny region since 2021. 

The first two, on the Bombetoka mangrove and on mangroves in coastal protected areas, were the subject of a first article in 2022: Dialogues science and civil society, an original experiment in the Boeny region, Madagascar, since 2021

Workshops 3 and 4 focused on : Ambatoboeny flooding and the silting-up of rice-growing areas in Marovoay.

The next two Dialogues followed a different format, with small groups of around twenty people meeting in the very places where the river raises issues in the Lower Betsiboka, so as to allow for demonstrative field trips:

  • Workshop 3 took place in Ambatoboeny on 05/24-25/2022 (DIDEM/Deltas-Madagascar Report No. 11),
  • workshop 4 in Ankarafantsika National Park, upstream of the Marovoay perimeters, on 09/15-16/2022 (DIDEM/Deltas-Madagascar Report N° 16).

These field observations facilitated exchanges of views with representatives of the communes and fokontany concerned.

Workshops 5 and 6 focused on : Dialogue on flood scenarios in the city of Mahajanga and Dialogue with stakeholders in the Betsiboka delta.

Workshop 5 was the first restitution of the marine submersion model with stakeholders from the Boeny region in Mahajanga in September 2022 (LittoSIM report) and workshop 6 brought together in Mahajanga stakeholders from the delta - fishermen, pirogues, charcoal burners, park agents - who had not been heard of in previous dialogues (DIDEM/Deltas-Madagascar Report N°23).

These restitutions are very diverse, since the first is based on flood modelling and the second on testimonies from users of the delta's natural resources. They bring the dialogues to a close, moving on to projects co-constructed by the Boeny region and CNRE on the basis of the diagnoses shared during the dialogues.