DIDEM/Deltas Madagascar team meets the Governor of Boeny

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The DIDEM/Deltas Madagascar team (CNRE, IRD) was honored to be received by the Governor of the Boeny Region, Madagascar, on September 12, 2023. 

It was an opportunity to present the research work carried out by the team on the Betsiboka river and delta, via WIODER and DIDEM and to discuss the new project currently being set up with the Boeny CER, Regional Environmental Directorate, the coastal protected areas and the scientists involved in previous dialogue between science and decision makers.

This project, designed to be submitted to the FFEM, will focus on income-generating activities to reduce pressure on mangroves, which are cut down for their timber and charcoal. This new project stems directly from the priority actions listed following the science and decision-makers dialogues organized over the past two years within DIDEM.

Governor of the Boeny region, Mr. Moktar Andriatomanga @Dominique Hervé

Dr. Guy Rabarison (CNRE) and Dr. Dominique Hervé (IRD), from the DIDEM/Deltas Madagascar team @ Boeny Region

DIDEM/Deltas Madagascar presenting the project to the Governor of the Boeny region @ Region Boeny