The DIDEM team taught courses at the Master II Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development at the University of the Comoros, Patsy Center

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Nourddine Mirhani and Gilbert David, the two people in charge of DIDEM's islands and archipelagos project, taught the first courses of the second year of the Master's program in Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development at the University of the Comoros' Centre de Patsy. 

From Monday September 25 to Friday October 6, Gilbert taught two 20-hour modules, one in ecological engineering and the other in environmental economics and ecosystem services. He also began the "Scientific Writing Method" module, focusing on dissertation topics: how to go from a good idea to a good dissertation topic.

For his part, Nouddine continued the module from October 10 to 11, presenting the principles of preparing and writing a master's thesis, as well as how to present the results at the defense.  

It's worth noting that the entire class (35 students) and the two supervisors went on a "field trip" on Saturday September 30 to the Ouani commune coastline. The visit focused on the problems of coastal erosion and the ecological restoration operations underway with mangrove plantations at the top of the beach and in the middle of the foreshore.

Meeting with Master teachers, Patsy Campus, Comoros 2023 @ Nourddine Mirhani

Gilbert David giving a lecture to Master II students, Patsy Campus, Comoros 2023 @Nourddine Mirhani

Group photo with students and teachers, Pasty Campus, Comoros 2023 @Nourddine Mirhani

Field trip with students on the theme of coastal erosion, Anjouan 2023 @Nourddine Mirhani


This Master's degree in Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development was designed in 2021 by the teaching staff with the support of the DIDEM team: Gilbert David, Nourddine Mirhani and Espérance Cillaurren.

Group photo during the construction of the Master Model, Patsy Campus 2021 @ Nourddine Mirhani

Meeting on the Patsy campus between teachers and the DIDEM team to create the Master's brochure, 2021 @ Nourddine Mirhani