PAREO's restitution in Mauritius, all the teams are together! Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles and Comoros

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Delegations from the Seychelles, Reunion and Comoros joined the PAREO MAURITIUS team in good spirits this week, for the two restitutions of the project to be held on November 14 (restitution to Officials and Media) and 15 (restitution open to the public)!

On the program: a visit to the marsh and mangrove swamp at Anse-la-raie with the NGO Reef Conservation, and a boat trip with a launch in the Mahébourg lagoon to Île au Fouquet and Trou Moutou!

Join us for the official and media presentation: we'll be LIVE tomorrow, November 14, 2023, from the Plaza in Rose-hill between 9am and 12pm on the PAREO facebook page!

Stay tuned ;)