Organization of a participatory workshop on the implementation of the serious game LittoSIM

#LittoSIM , #submersion , #Madagascar , #Boény

In March 2022, if the health conditions allow it, the first workshop planned in the framework of the implementation of LittoSIM in Madagascar will be held. This participative workshop will be organized with Malagasy academics and will focus on the original version of the game in order to train the participants on its animation.

Thereafter, LittoSIM will be adapted to the geographical framework of the Boeny region which shelters the 3rd largest city of Madagascar, the most important Malagasy agglomeration on the coast of the Mozambique Channel. This adaptation will be done by the participants in this first workshop and the LittoSIM teams.

The objective of this adaptation is to organize a simulation session with the managers of the Boeny region based on the same adapted version of the LittoSIM game at the end of the project. This workshop will allow managers to imagine themselves in crisis scenarios and collectively identify solutions.